Retreat Facilitation

Reflecting on an organization's mission, vision, performance, and goals, Claremont Consulting assists boards and senior staff to arrange retreats as an opportunity for an organization to:

  • Re-commit to or revise its mission and vision,
  • Develop short- and long-term measurable goals and
  • Support team- and consensus-building.

Here’s what organizations are saying about Claremont Consulting’s Retreat Facilitation services:

"John put together an amazing and comprehensive training that balanced the big picture with the specific.  Not only did he teach the board about how to work better as a board more generally, but he drew examples from our own by-laws, financial statements, and governance structure so that we also learned about how these general ideas applied to our particular organization.  John has the experience, knowledge, and the technical know how to put together an engaging, relevant, and thorough training on a variety of organizational development subjects.  The board governance and financial literacy trainings John presented to our board at the start of the meeting were critical in helping prepare the board for some difficult discussions later in the meeting. " - Aaron Sachs, Board Chair, COLAGE

"Mr. Tarvin was a pleasure to work with on our annual Board retreat. After undergoing some major personnel changes in the school, we were looking for a consultant who could quickly get a “read” on the situation and help the Board identify its weaknesses and strengths, as well as identify a clear path for moving forward. Mr. Tarvin worked with one of our board members to develop an agenda that addressed these areas, led the retreat in a manner that kept the board on track while still allowing for ample discussion, and helped the board reach its retreat goals. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other boards in need of some redirecting." - Nancy London, Board Member, Hill View Montessori

"John was precisely the facilitator we needed at our Board retreat to help us name and claim the kind of Board we actually are, and to move off dead center in order to achieve our fundraising goals. He was a good listener and a good summarizer, and drew from his years of experience with charter schools. Our work this coming year will proceed from just three hours of work with John." - Mary Clare Powell, Ed.D., Chair, Board Governance Committee of PVPA

Strategic Planning

Claremont Consulting works with boards and senior staff to articulate and develop:

  • Comprehensive three- or five-year strategic plans, goals, and budgets, which include a renewed commitment to the organization's mission and vision, as well as a road map for ensuring organizational health and long-term sustainability.

Here’s what organizations are saying about Claremont Consulting’s Strategic Planning services:

“In the fall of 2011, the Board of Trustees of the Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts decided to embark on a strategic planning process to chart its course for the next three years. The school had just completed the implementation of a previous three-year plan that was tremendously successful in re-establishing its financial solvency and defining a pathway for growth. Despite its successful outcome, the former planning process had been a bumpy and contentious one. So, finding the right strategic partner to help guide and facilitate the process was of paramount concern to the Board. After a rigorous RFP process, we selected John Tarvin, Claremont Consulting. It was immediately apparent in the interview discussions with John that he had done his research on us and that he had a genuine understanding of our core mission and values and the strategic issues that needed to be addressed. He also had a solid track record of success with other nonprofits, particularly in the fields of education and the arts. Throughout the planning process, John worked proactively and collaboratively with the Board, the staff and all key constituents to identify and understand our opportunities, our challenges and our points of conflict. On the areas of opportunities and challenges, John had a wonderful ability to synthesize a vast amount of input into a clear set of core principles and strategies to guide our organization in its next phase of growth. On points of conflict, he was masterfully diplomatic, empathetic to all points of view and tremendously insightful in helping us find a consensus that worked for everyone. The whole planning process was engaging for all, and it almost seemed effortless. We highly endorse John Tarvin’s strategic planning consultancy for other nonprofit organizations that are looking to establish or redirect their vision for the future. " - Dana Rashti, Trustee and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Abigail Norman, Director, Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts

“John Tarvin is an outstanding group leader. When I needed an outside consultant to formulate and facilitate a strategic plan, I selected John, based on his excellent reputation. John exceeded all my expectations. His planning was impeccable, his interpersonal skills were exceptional, and his attention to individual and organizational needs was superb. Every detail was handled with skill and professionalism, and all goals were achieved with time to spare. John has my greatest respect and highest recommendation." - Lubja Marsh, Global Learning

“Because of his extensive background in nonprofit management and his thorough understanding of the education sector, John was uniquely able to provide us with the highly targeted and relevant insights, which were absolutely critical to our obtaining a charter." - Cheryl Alexander, Board Chair, Bridge Boston

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