Leadership Development and Coaching

Change Management & Transition Planning

Claremont Consulting assists organizations as they navigate leadership transitions and helps leaders understand how to be change agents by providing:

  • One-on-one coaching,
  • A review of fundamental practices and
  • Redefinition of the organizational structure and senior leadership roles.
“As a follow up to his review of our school, John provided me with personal coaching throughout the design and execution of significant organizational changes. His expertise—not just in charter school leadership, but in general management and leadership—was critical to my success. John quickly distilled root causes of the challenges we faced and helped me maintain focus on the fundamental practices and priorities that led to personal achievement and organizational improvement.”

– Bob Beatty, Executive Director, Atlantis Charter School

“Whenever the Banneker Board needs coaching services for a senior leader, assistance navigating a leadership transition, or help setting measurable board goals, we turn to John Tarvin for his extensive expertise and sound guidance. His coaching and technical assistance has been instrumental in our School’s ability to achieve our ambitious goals.”

– Jimmy Becker, Board Chair, Benjamin Banneker

Leadership Coaching

Claremont Consulting provides sensitive, personalized coaching and support to a leader to maximize personal effectiveness within an organization’s unique culture. Serving as a critical thought partner and mentor, we help you:

  • Reflect on your unique strengths,
  • Understand your personal value, and
  • Develop strategies for improved performance.
“I was lucky enough to work with John Tarvin during my second year as founding executive director of a small, grassroots organization. I had a lot of heart and drive, and NO experience on how to grow and sustain an organization. John was incredibly adept at acknowledging my strengths while pushing me to grow in areas that were often uncomfortable but that would benefit our organization ten-fold. He was the perfect combination of firm and flexible, patient and goal-focused. ”

– Dinah Shepherd, Executive Director, First Teacher

“In my first years as Executive Director at North Central Charter Essential School I met regularly with John Tarvin.  John was a tremendous sounding board for me as I developed as a school leader.  John’s provocative, supportive and humorous coaching style was invaluable.  His questions, observations and targeted feedback came from a place of experience through his work in the non-profit sector.  Having John on my team really helped me hone in on critical strategies for effectively leading my team at NCCES.”

– Stephanie Davolos, Executive Director, North Central Charter Essential School

“After assuming the role of Executive Director, I wanted to work with a coach who could help me quickly develop my leadership skills, and John turned out to be the perfect coach for me. His incredibly frank, yet highly-constructive feedback and guidance have had a tremendous impact on me personally and on my ability to lead McAuliffe.”

– Kristin Harrison, Executive Director, McAuliffe Regional Charter School

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