Organizational Development

Board Development

Claremont Consulting guides boards to enhance their effectiveness, helping them improve:

  • The quality and productivity of their meetings,
  • Membership and structure of their board and committees,
  • Oversight and development of their leaders, and
  • Efficacy of their decision-making processes.
“Throughout the demanding chartering process, John provided me with high-touch support which informed our school design and our strategies for board development and fundraising. His extensive expertise was tapped repeatedly, and his responsiveness was superb”

– Will Gardner, Executive Director, Alma del Mar Charter School

Organizational Restructuring

Typically, in combination with a program evaluation or a comprehensive school review, Claremont Consulting works with organizations to:

  • Develop a more coherent, efficient, and effective organizational structure.
“As a result of an insightful and comprehensive school review conducted by John and his team of consultants, our K-12 school adopted a dynamic new management structure, allowing us to efficiently allocate our human resources to maximize student achievement and invigorate the school culture.”

Mark Logan, Executive Director, Foxborough Regional Charter School

Program Evaluation

Claremont Consulting evaluates programs:

  • Validating outstanding quality and
  • Offering a targeted course of action to improve less-effective programs.
“Prospect Hill worked with John Tarvin on two occasions. The end product was professionally prepared and reflected both the insight of a seasoned manager, as well as the knowledge of an experienced consultant to the education sector.”

– Michael O’Donnell, COO, Prospect Hill Academy

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Tensions and conflicts can arise in any complex organization, temporarily setting an organization and its staff adrift and negatively impacting overall effectiveness. Claremont Consulting can provide the outside perspective and practiced approach necessary to:

  • Resolve new or long-standing conflicts and
  • Quickly help an organization get back on track.
“John put together an amazing and comprehensive training that balanced the big picture with the specific.  Not only did he teach the board about how to work better as a board more generally, but he drew examples from our own by-laws, financial statements, and governance structure so that we also learned about how these general ideas applied to our particular organization.  John has the experience, knowledge, and the technical know how to put together an engaging, relevant, and thorough training on a variety of organizational development subjects.  The board governance and financial literacy trainings John presented to our board at the start of the meeting were critical in helping prepare the board for some difficult discussions later in the meeting.”

– Aaron Sachs, Board Chair, COLAGE

School Culture Reviews

Claremont Consulting has conducted comprehensive school culture reviews at many schools, providing each one with:

  • An independent, thoughtful, and comprehensive analysis and
  • Solutions to the complex cultural, instructional, governance, and leadership issues that can arise at any institution.
“Our work with John Tarvin was invaluable. He assembled and led an exceptional team of consultants with varying areas of expertise to provide us with a holistic perspective on our school. Immediately, John established a trusting relationship with our board and me, which allowed us to work collaboratively to establish the right priorities for dramatically raising student achievement. The results were tremendous! Before we worked with John, we were facing potential closure by the state. Now, we have been recognized locally, statewide, and nationally for the gains our students make each year. It is wonderful to see our collective efforts pay off!”

– Julia Bowen, Executive Director, BArT

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